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Founded in 1955 by two business partners Hugh and Zdzislaw (known as Victor), Victors of Edinburgh Continental Delicatessen as it was originally called opened in Spital Street at the foot of Edinburgh Castle.  It quickly establishing a reputation for great customer service and as a stockist of increasingly popular ranges of continental foods, breads, coffees and wines. 

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Moving to its current location at the Edinburgh Meadows in 1969 and rebranding, to better reflect the two partners with a play on their names, as Victor Hugo Delicatessen, later shortened to Victor Hugo Deli. It is now regarded as an Edinburgh institution and although it has evolved over the years and adapted to better reflect its current market.


Victor Hugo Deli has maintained the tradition of producing and serving great continental foods, with a proud reputation for great sandwiches, a Deli based breakfast, brunch and lunch menu and in particular it’s coffee which still is roasted in Edinburgh and to this day carries the original Victors of Edinburgh branding. 

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